Fars Rig Co. Ltd. was established in 1991 as a trading company in the field of mining machinery and drilling equipment and accessories.

To perform after sales service for the machinery we sold in the market in Iran, we bought a workshop in the vicinity of Tehran in 1993.

Tracing the developments chronologically we would say that: In 1993 we started  manufacturing small size drilling machines and hydraulic rubber tyre wagon drills.

In 1995 we started manufacturing hydraulic-pneumatic wagon drills.

In 1995 itself, we bought some land adjacent to our workshop and constructed two more workshops and expanded our facilities.

In the year 2000 we started manufacturing fully hydraulic crawler drills and again expanded our workshop facilities by purchasing a new workshop located next to our existing workshops.

In the year 2002 we bought a showroom with an area of about 285 m2 in Tehran to display our products. After doing some work inside the showroom it was completed and opened in 2003.

In 2004 we bought 26500 m2 land in Eshtehard Industrial Township located 120 km west of Tehran and started building a new factory there. The project of this new factory consists of 3 phases:

The first phase includes about 4000 m2 factory and 1200 m2 of offices and facilities forthe employees including a restaurant, guest rooms and other services. The second and third phases consist of 3000 m2 and 11000 m2 factory buildings respectively. The first phase was completed in 2009 and being used since that time.

At this moment we have about 30 employees in our office, showroom and workshops.