This unit has been specifically designed to enable it to be dismantled into 7 part This process requires only 2 to 3 minutes. The heaviest  individual component is  75 kg. This allows easy  trasportation by two persons in areas of difficult terrains such as mountainous regions. Transporrtation of the complete unit by helicopter is via a hook located on the upper section of the derrick





Engine Power (HP)


Max Rotation Speed (RPM)


Max Rotational Torque (nm)


Cont. Torque (nm)


Pull Down (kg)[lb]

0-200 [0-440.9]

Pull Back (kg) [lb]

0-1500 [0-3306.9]

Drill Rod Dia. (mm)[in]

50-60 [1.9-2.3]

Drill Rod Length (m)[ft]

1.5 [4.9]

Diameter of Drilling (mm)[in]

64,70 and 76

[2.5,2.7 and 3]

Max Depth of Drilling (m)[ft]

50-100[164-328] (solid rocks)

Drilling Method

Rotary drilling with water or by compressed air and DTH hammer

Optional Extras

Hydraulic driven water -

foam injection pump

Length (m)[ft]

        1.56 [5.1]

Width (m)[ft]

        1.00 [3.3]

Machine Height  (m)[ft]

              2.75 [9]

Derrick Height  (m)[ft]

              2.60 [8.5]

Machine Dry Weight (kg)[lb]

          341.00 [751.7]

Machine Wet Weight (kg)[lb]

          378.00 [833.3]


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